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Pictures of the Descendants and Ancestors of Israel Hill
Ingalls Family


Hill Men and Women
E.E.Hill Farm&Family
Ingalls Family
Joseph A. Hill Family
Pine Grove Cemetery
Davison Census Transcriptions
Land Ownership 1873
Mayflower Lines
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Here are some photos of the Ingalls family.

Horace Ingalls, Hill Ladies Group.jpg
Horace Ingalls, Hill Ladies Group

Ingalls,Alfred K,Horace V,Horace J, Kellerman.jpg

L-R:  Horace V. Ingalls, Horace J. Ingalls, Kellerman Ingalls
Center: Alfred Kellerman Ingalls

Alfred Kellerman Ingalls as a baby.jpg

Alfred Kellerman Ingalls as a baby

Ingalls photo

Ingalls photo

Many thanks to Jay for the photos of the Ingalls family.