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Davison Census Transcriptions


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Davison Census Transcriptions
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Now available here are the Davison 1840 , 1850 , 1860 and 1870 Census Transcriptions.

 The following are my transcriptions of the Davison twp., Genesee County, Michigan Census sheets.The work I do is all my own, so please feel free to use whatever you can. As most people know, the census is not always easy to read. The Davison cesus' I have found have a mix of German script in them, and thank goodness I learned it a few years ago! It has come in very handy for this.

I have tried my best to do an accurate transcription but undoubtably there will be errors, so please back up any information, with other documentation.Any errors you find, please send them to me, and I will gladly correct them.

There are a couple things you need to keep in mind when looking at the census. Never trust the spelling or ages!

I have found more mispelled names and wrong ages than I care to mention, remember you are at the mercy of the censustaker, and whichever way he knew to spell a name is how he wrote it.Or he would even guess!! Especially on the tough ones. I have even found the gender of people written wrong.

I have done the best I can, I hope you find these handy. Right now I have the 1840 , 1850 , 1860 , and 1870 census' transfered to computer files. I will be working on the 1880 census soon and hope to have it online within the next month. Hopefully this summer I can get to the 1900, 1910, and 1920 census.

Have fun searching for your families!

1840 Davison, Genesee, Michigan Census

1850 Census  Davison, Genesee, Michigan

1850 Census by Household

1850 Census by Last Name

1860 Census  Davison, Genesee, Michigan

1860 Census by Household

1860 Census by Last Name

1870 Census  Davison, Genesee, Michigan

1870 Census By Household

1870 Census By Last Name

Please feel free to use the Census transcriptions, they were created by me to help you.