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Pictures of the Descendants and Ancestors of Israel Hill
Pine Grove Cemetery


Hill Men and Women
E.E.Hill Farm&Family
Ingalls Family
Joseph A. Hill Family
Pine Grove Cemetery
Davison Census Transcriptions
Land Ownership 1873
Mayflower Lines
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The Pine Grove Cemetery, in Davison, Genesee County, Michigan
is where alot of the children and grandchildren from Israel And Lucy (Emerson) Hill have been laid to rest.
Below you will find the links to pages that can help you search for someones gravesite there.
This work is ongoing, please check back for corrections, and additions.

Pine Grove Cemetery Master Names Lists and Unknowns.

Pine Grove Cemetery Names A-H

Pine Grove Cemetery Names I - R

Pine Grove Cemetery Names S - Z and Unknowns

The Pine Grove Cemetery Plot Maps

Pine Grove Section Map

Pine Grove Plot "Section A"

Pine Grove Plot "Section B"

Pine Grove Plot "Section C"

Pine Grove Plot "Section D"

Pine Grove Plot "Section E"

Pine Grove Plot "Section F"

Pine Grove Plot "Section G"

Pine Grove Plot "Section J"

The Pine Grove Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions.

Tombstone Inscriptions I

Tombstone Inscriptions II

Tombstone Inscriptions III

The Pine Grove Cemetery Tombstone and Plot Pictures.
With the Addition of the Whigville Evergreen Cemetery plot of Hosea Hill.

Israel Hill Family Plot

Emerson E. Hill Family Plot

Arthur I. Hill Family Plot

Hosea Hill Family Plot

Hosea Hill Family Markers

Lyman Hill Monument

This is an ongoing work! Please be patient, as I get out to the cemetery when I can, and get the information online as soon as possible. As always if you are looking for information, you can always contact me, and I will get it on the next trip out there. This work is my own, and you should use it as a guide only, as I cannot be 100% sure of the information off the oldest stones.