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Pictures of the Descendants and Ancestors of Israel Hill
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E.E.Hill Farm&Family
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Here are some pictures, of my Great Grandfathers Farm near St. Charles, Albee Twp., Saginaw County, Michigan. This farm sets on the Gasper Road, near Fergus Road. Emerson (The oldest son of Israel & Alice Hill) owned 160 acres here a half mile square. The Barn was built in 1901.


Its hard to see with the picture this size, but from left to right is....
L-R: Horses with Buggy,Roy, Ivah, a lamb, Lilah, Robert, Esther, Two Horses with Emerson in front of them, and a Farm hand holding the riens.


My Grandfather Robert, with Roy's wife Maude, at the Emerson E. Hill Farm.
Robert was about 17 years old here.


Carrie, Alden, and Emerson on the back porch. Carrie was Emerson's third wife and a lifelong friend. They married and she helped raise Alden after his Mother Lottie's  death.


Emerson Israel Hill, the son of Emerson E. Hill.


The barn that was built in 1917.


My Grandfather Robert. The son of Emerson E. Hill

These pictures come from our family pictures collected through the years. If you need further information on them, please contact me.