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Pictures of the Descendants and Ancestors of Israel Hill
Arthur I. Hill Family Plot


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Pine Grove Cemetery, Davison, Genesee County, Michigan.

Arthur I. Hill Family Marker

This front stone with the title "HILL" on it I believe is the family marker for Arthur I Hill. It is located right behind their headstones, and in front of Emerson's family plot. Arthur and Mary Hill's stones are on the ground a few feet in front of this marker.

Arthur I. Hill

The gravesite of Arthur I. Hill is in need of much work! As you can see a little in this picture a bush has grown up and over his marker. You have to litterally climb under the bush to get this picture. I happened to see something almost buried in the dirt when we were under the bush, and I found the military service emblem seen propped up against the base of the marker. Glad I found it, as it would have been a shame to lose this. We will try to re-attach this item soon. Arthur is the third son of Israel and Alice Hill.
His gravestone reads as follows:
JULY 20, 1872
OCT. 10, 1934

Mary J. (Bush) Hill

The gravesite of Mary J. Hill is also in need of repair, as you can see, a tree is growing up through her plot. She is located to the right of her husband Arthur I. Hill.
Her Gravestone reads as follows:
JAN. 22, 1878
JAN. 27, 1948